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Oakland University publishes research on swimmer's itch at Congregational Assembly beach

Scientists from the Biology Department of Oakland University have carried out research on swimmer's itch at Crystal Lake since 2015. Under the direction of Professor Thomas R. Raffel, the group has focused on the study of environmental factors that affect the abundance of the parasites in the water that cause swimmer's itch. One of the most valuable assets available to them is the collection of data compiled each summer by the lifeguards at the Congregational Summer Assembly beach, on the southwest corner of the lake, a unique resource that cannot be matched at other lakes in Michigan. A detailed scientific study of this data has now been released by the Oakland University group. READ THE FULL REPORT HERE

The primary conclusions of the study are that risks of contracting swimmer's itch are greatest in the morning and when there is an onshore wind. Temperature and other environmental factors had no apparent impact. For more on the research carried out by the Oakland University team, see Crystal Whitecaps vol. 12, no. 2 (Fall 2016), p. 4.