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Merganser brood relocation now under way -- WATCH VIDEO

CLWA's team is now busy trapping and relocating merganser broods as the mother ducks are bringing their families from their nests and out onto the lake. The team requests that, if you see them working, please stay hidden and do not approach, as the birds scare easily. Your help continues to be needed to report the broods that you observe. REPORT MERGANSER BROODS HERE

Watch the Mergansers being rounded up here

The CLWA merganser trapping team captured its first brood on June 6 and by June 29 had captured 6 hens with their broods, a total of 65 birds. All were removed to another location where the swimmer's itch parasite they carry will not be a problem for swimmers and lake dwellers. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has approved these sites as suitable for this species.

As most Crystal Lakers now know, merganser ducks are the avian host for the parasite that causes swimmer's itch. The removal of the birds breaks the cycle of infection, thus reducing the incidence of local swimmer's itch. Over the past three years that CLWA has carried out this program, cases of swimmer's itch have continuously decreased.

Much of the success of this program is due to the active response of the Crystal Lake community, who  have assiduously reported merganser brood sightings in their area. The CLWA is grateful for your participation and asks for your continuing support, so that the progress being made against swimmer's itch can be maintained into the future.