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Aerial shoreline survey completed

Zero Gravity Aerial of Traverse City completed a total shoreline survey of Crystal Lake during the summer of 2019. An initial high flyover looked at shoals to identify obvious changes like aquatic plant beds or human disturbance. Then the drone took detailed videos of each riparian shoreline from an altitude of about 30 feet. This survey will develop a visual benchmark for future comparison, and identify lakeshore areas of concern. Suggestions for improvement can be discussed collaboratively with lake property owners to encourage changes that will result in a healthier lake.

Features that may be cause for concern include: erosion of beach front, ice damage, invasive plants (for example cladophora, purple loosestrife, phragmites), sea walls and other shore hardening techniques, lawn too close to the lake, drain pipes and drainage ditches. An important part of the project is for the CLWA to educate riparians about property management practices that preserve Crystal’s water quality.

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The Crystal Lake Watershed Association (CLWA), is a non-profit (501c3) organization.

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