CLWA committees welcome volunteers to join their work. Please contact the chair if you are interested.

CLWA committees are responsible for carrying out most of the programs of the organization. They are active, multi-facetted, and composed of Board members as well as interested CLWA members.

Article VII of the CLWA Bylaws establishes four standing committees and provides for the formation of additional standing and special committees as needed.

If you are interested in joining a committee, contact the chair at

Crystal Lake Swimmer’s Itch Partnership

Chair: Dave Wynne
The Crystal Lake Swimmer’s Itch Partnership (CLSIP) was formed to combat the problem of swimmer’s itch. It includes representatives from Frankfort, Beulah, Congregational Summer Assembly, Chimney Corners Resort, Crystal Beach Cottagers’ Association, and Crystal Lake Yacht Club. It is now a standing committee of the CLWA and actively participates in a regional coalition of 24 lake associations, the Michigan Swimmer’s Itch Partnership.


Chair: Barbara Leonard

The primary function of the Development committee is to promote the growth and vitality of a large, involved, supportive and active membership. It is also responsible for coordinating all fund raising activities.

Education and Communication

Chair: Ellen Herscher

The Education and Communication committee works to inform the public about the value of Crystal Lake and its watershed, threats to the watershed environment, and the need for responsible stewardship. It also serves to communicate the work of the CLWA to its membership and the broader community. It is responsible for publishing the semiannual newsletter Crystal Whitecaps, exhibiting at art fairs and other events, developing informational materials and brochures, coordinating the Walkabout educational program with local schools, maintaining the website, and publicizing CLWA projects and events.

Water Quality

Chair: Hugh Walton

The primary function of the Water Quality committee is to obtain and record consistent and long term scientific measurements of the water parameters that determine the overall health of Crystal Lake. It also develops strategies to remediate the effect of threats that may arise. Currently it conducts regular testing of lake water for temperature, pH, specific conductivity, dissolved oxygen and clarity, records lake levels and erosion, and inspects for the appearance of invasive species. To deter aquatic invasives from hitchhiking into Crystal Lake, the committee oversees the boat washing station that CLWA operates at the DNR boating access site.

Land Use

Chair: Tom Kucera

The Zoning and Land Use Committee promotes land uses in the watershed that are protective of the water quality in Crystal Lake. The committee works with property owners, local governments and others to promote voluntary activities and regulations that protect shoreline and watershed health. The Committee has also been instrumental in writing a Watershed Management Plan for the Betsie River/Crystal Lake Watershed, completed in 2016.

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The Crystal Lake Watershed Association (CLWA), is a non-profit (501c3) organization.

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