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Zoning for lake health

There’s lots of building going on around Crystal Lake. Zoning and other local and state regulations are in place to help protect …

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Water quality testing results for 2019 now available

As part of the Michigan Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program, the CLWA sponsors comprehensive scientific testing of Crystal Lake’s water. Monitoring provides advance warning, so that early action can be taken to protect Crystal Lake. The latest results …

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Aerial shoreline survey completed

Zero Gravity Aerial of Traverse City completed a total shoreline survey of Crystal Lake during the summer of 2019. An initial high flyover looked at shoals to identify obvious changes like aquatic plant beds or human disturbance. Then the drone took …

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Merganser trapping completed for 2019

CLWA’s merganser trapping team completed the removal of all broods from Crystal Lake by the end of July. The final count was 10 broods (one without the hen) and a total of 68 ducklings, 77 birds in all. This compares to 16 broods …

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CLWA annual members meeting held on July 20

A large crowd of over 100 attended the 2019 CLWA annual members meeting on July 20. President Dave Wynne reviewed current programs and Treasurer Ron Ahrns described allocation of financial resources. The Crystal Circle Award was presented to Ted Fisher …

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Final report on 2018 swimmer’s itch control program

Swimmer’s Itch Control LLC, who carried out CLWA’s swimmer’s itch program during the summer of 2018, has now submitted its final report. The conclusions strongly support the preliminary results observed during summer activities, and point the way toward the continuing efforts …

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Benzie area students join 26th annual Walkabout in the watershed

On October 9 the CLWA conducted its 26th annual experiential educational project for middle school students, the Crystal Lake Walkabout. Sixth grade classes from Benzie Central and Frankfort/Elberta public schools visited locations around Crystal Lake to learn about the ecology of the watershed and the ways its qualities can be threatened. One aim is to foster appreciation …

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CLWA completes aquatic plant survey of Crystal Lake

In early August 2018 the CLWA completed the final phase of its comprehensive, three-year survey of the aquatic plants in Crystal Lake. Under the direction of board member Jim Hamp, and assisted by volunteers and the drone technology of Zero Gravity Aerial, the survey …

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CLWA annual members meeting held on July 21

A large crowd of about 120 attended the 2018 CLWA annual members meeting on July 21. President Dave Wynne surveyed current programs and Treasurer Ron Ahrns described allocation of financial resources. The Crystal Circle Award was presented to Edward Hoogterp, past CLWA president …

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Final report on swimmer’s itch control for summer 2017

CLWA contracted with Swimmer’s Itch Solutions LLC to conduct swimmer’s itch control activities on Crystal Lake during summer of 2017. It concentrated on trapping merganser broods and moving them to other waters where the swimmer’s itch parasites are not present. By reducing one of the parasite hosts, the cycle that …

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Approved Watershed Plan points the way to future protection of Crystal Lake

The never-ending work of protecting northwest Michigan’s water received a major boost in September 2016 with federal approval of the Betsie River/Crystal Lake Watershed Management Plan. The document calls for investing more than $17 million in projects to protect lakes and streams in the 240-square-mile watershed, which extends from Frankfort Harbor on Lake Michigan …

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Protecting Crystal Lake Now for Generations to Come.

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The Crystal Lake Watershed Association (CLWA), is a non-profit (501c3) organization.

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