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Final report on swimmer’s itch control for summer 2017

CLWA contracted with Swimmer’s Itch Solutions LLC to conduct swimmer’s itch control activities on Crystal Lake during summer of 2017. It concentrated on trapping merganser broods and moving them to other waters where the swimmer’s itch parasites are not present. By reducing one of the parasite hosts, the cycle that releases the parasites into Crystal is broken and swimmer’s itch will be decreased. Glen and Higgins Lakes has already had positive results with these methods.

The public greatly assisted the success of this program by reporting sightings of merganser broods. As a result, SIS captured a total of 14 broods (including 116 ducklings) which have been relocated to Lake Michigan or Lake Huron. By late July, all merganser broods had been removed from Crystal Lake. This reduction in the merganser population is expected to result in a lower infection rate in 2018. To read the final report on the summer’s work, CLICK HERE



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