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Merganser trapping cancelled for 2022

On March 28 the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) notified the CLWA that all permits for the trapping and relocation of wildfowl in 2022 had been cancelled. This was due to the “highly pathogenic” outbreak of avian influenza (“bird flu”) in the state. As most Crystal Lakers know, the trapping and relocation of common merganser ducks forms the core of CLWA’s swimmer’s itch (SI) control program, which has shown significant results in reducing the incidence of SI on our lake.

CLWA has attempted to find alternative approaches, but none were acceptable to the DNR. We are deeply disappointed that this effective program must be suspended.

For the summer of 2022 the CLWA will still continue its research and data collection activities. This will include a full-lake study of the snail infection rate, and recording reports of swimmer’s itch cases.

Reports on previous research sponsored by the CLWA are available on the Swimmer’s Itch page of this website. A brochure providing advice on ways to avoid acquiring SI can also be found there.

The CLWA is still requesting that those experiencing SI cases report them. Click HERE to report a case.

Although avian flu is a fast-spreading and deadly virus that can devastate domestic poultry and has been detected in some Michigan wildfowl, there is no current evidence that common mergansers are a carrier, or pose a hazard to humans. We hope that the current outbreak will be brought under control so that CLWA can resume its control program in 2023.

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